Starry Mountains Dog Collar


On one particularly clear and cloudless night, we wished upon a shooting star for a collar that wouldn’t absorb the drench and stench of the outdoor elements. Our fairy godmother was on vacation that day, so we created that dream collar ourselves! This collar is so versatile, durable, and rinseable that you’ll swear it might be magic! We won’t say if it is or isn’t, though…

ECOFRIENDLY: All products come with an eco-friendly reusable case for doggy bags, treats, or anything else you & your furbaby like to take with you on the road! (Warning: Other dogs may be jealous of your swag-adelic pup)

DONATIONS: We donate a Pupups collar to a shelter dog for every purchase! So not only will your Pup get to rock some life-changing new gear, but you'll be helping out another furry friend at the same time. You could say it's pretty awesome. 

    • Waterproof
    • Dirt & mud-proof
    • Made with stainless steel hardware
    • Will make even the laziest couch potato feel outdoorsy
    • Hand-drawn designs as awesome as your pup!

    Click here to find average dog neck measurements to help with sizing:

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