Fi Compatible Collar-Evergreen Plaid - BioThane Dog Collar


On an early morning hike through the Olympic forest, we heard a mysterious rustling in the pines. When we turned around, we saw a set of humongous footprints in the dirt. Next to the footprints was a crumpled piece of paper with an awesome drawing of this design. Inspired, we created this rad collar with a classic green plaid design that never goes out of style. It's perfect for blending into the forest, like our elusive friend.  We can only hope to repay the friendly creature who gave us this idea - so let us know if you see him around. Bonus points if you get a selfie with him! 

**Fi Unit Not Included

Please measure your dog's neck, it is important to get an accurate size so the Fi Unit is snug against the collar.  If your dog measures 17", we will put a hole at 16,17, and 18" this ensures the unit stays in its proper place. 

  • Dirt & mud-proof
  • Handmade in the USA, Baby!
  • Made with stainless steel hardware
  • Sasquatch Approved!
  • Hand-drawn designs as awesome as your pup!
  • Vegan Friendly BioThane
  • Strong and Durable
  • Matching Leash Available

Click here to find average dog neck measurements to help with sizing:

ECOFRIENDLY: All products come with an eco-friendly reusable case for doggy bags, treats, or anything else you & your furbaby like to take with you on the road! (Warning: Other dogs may be jealous of your swag-adelic pup)

DONATIONS: We donate a Pupups collar to a shelter dog for every purchase! So not only will your Pup get to rock some life-changing new gear, but you'll be helping out another furry friend at the same time. You could say it's pretty awesome. 

We are an official Fi Maker, bringing you strong + durable BioThane collars compatible with your trusted Fi Tracker. Handmade in the USA with fun and fresh patterns and designs.

What is Fi?  

Fi is the next generation of GPS tracking for your pup, giving you peace of mind that if your best friend ever gets lost, you will quickly be able to get them home. 

Another great element of the Fi is the step tracker, allowing you to keep tabs on your pup's athletic status!  From couch potato snugglers to mountain climbers, Fi is here for all life's best activities! 

Why Are Pupups Fi Collars Made of BioThane and What The Heck is That?

Biothane is a waterproof coated webbing made right here in the USA.  Built for durability, it boasts a high tensile breaking point, and withstands the most bodacious adventures.  Here at Pupups we decided to take BioThane collars to the next level and print incredibly fun designs on them. From plaid, to waves, to the Northern Lights, we have something for every dog.

But My Dog is Massive, Can I Customize The Size?

Yes!  We love a good custom order, send us a love note at Hello@PupupsUSA.com with your requests and we will cook up something rad for 'ya!  Ps. We love dog photos in our inbox ;)

Can I Customize the Tab Color That Holds The Fi Unit?

Sure! We stock most BioThane Colors including reflective.  Shoot us an E-mail and lets chat! Hello@PupupsUSA.com

Does The Collar Include The Unit?

No, but we will have giveaways throughout the year on our IG, follow us @PupupsUSA and you might just get lucky! 

Is it hard to Replace The Fi Unit?

With a little practice, you'll easily become a pro, here's a video to help you along!

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