How can I be an Ambassador?

We periodically choose new ambassadors to rock Pupups, email us, or DM us on IG with tons of pup photos!

How are the designs created?

Our CEO and Top Dog sits in the local coffee shop with a mocha in one hand, and draws with the other. (every good idea starts with coffee, am I right!?) Our Gnomies design started with tiny watercolor paintings, then were photographed and fine tuned on the iPad. It's really the coolest process. 

Are these collars really waterproof?

Yes! Our pups personally doggy paddle around the ocean in theirs!  Our metal is stainless steel, so don't fret about rust, just rinse off your collar and wipe the buckle and hardware after your surf trip. 20 seconds and your collar will look fresh and clean again!

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, but it's expensive. E-mail us and we will personally search for the best shipping option for you. 

Will these work on cats?

No, we do not use breakaway buckles. Maybe Pupups will expand to kitties sometime soon!

Will you gift wrap for my friend's pup?

Yes!  We LOVE special occasions, just e-mail us with your order number and we will accommodate! (Yes, we throw all our pups over-the-top birthday parties, yolo!)

My Parcel arrived damaged, what can we do?

E-mail us, we will take care of you, don't worry.