An Easy to Clean Dog Collar Ready to Rumble

Have you been searching for a collar built from the bottom up for outdoor explorations? Pupups USA brings you an easy to clean dog collar crafted specifically for long walks on rainy days, plunges in the park pond, and morning runs. The coated webbing material is nearly waterproof and ready to take on just about anything Fido wants to dish out. Better yet, it comes in a variety of bright prints ready to dress up your dog.

  Prepare for Adventure with Our Stinkproof Dog Collar

How often have you come back from a walk in the woods and wondered what smelled? You will never throw away one of our collars because it collected some awful stinks in the swamp. The stink-proof dog collar only requires a quick wash under the kitchen sink and hanging it in the sun to dry. It will be ready for tomorrow's trip to the dog park stink-free.

  Fun Colors and Heavy-Duty Links

Not only are our collars ready for years of fun outside, but our buckles and D rings are also all crafted out of rugged stainless steel. Puppy can pull all he wants and the collar and Adventure Leash will resist stretching, deforming, and falling apart. Our unique prints are all designed in-house for a look that will stand out at the dog park, making it easier to spot your friend in the pack. When you get home from a particularly messy run, slip off the collar and leash, run it under the sink, and hang to dry. It will be just as bright and fresh tomorrow as when you bought it new.

Just click to scroll through our shop of durable, fun, and stink-free dog collars. We pack every order personally. Use our secure checkout process with confidence and look forward to dressing up your dog with a new Pupups USA collar.