What’s so Great About Pupups’ Biothane® Dog Collars?

What’s so Great About Pupups’ Biothane® Dog Collars?

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What’s so Great About Pupups’ Biothane® Dog Collars?



At Pupups, our focus is on providing dog owners with high-quality collars and leashes that are beautiful, durable, and pet-friendly. We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and we’re proud to announce our new line of Biothane® waterproof dog collars and leashes!


What the Heck is Biothane®?

Biothane® is a trademarked, artificial material that looks and feels like leather. The base is polyester webbing, which provides flexibility and strength. This is coated with a PVC or TPU coating that makes it almost indestructible (honestly!), waterproof, and pliable.


Why Pupups Chose Biothane®

There are lots of reasons we chose Biothane for our new line of dog collars and waterproof dog leashes. One of the most important reasons is because the product is made in the USA. These awesome Biothane collars and leashes paired with stainless steel buckles are the ultimate in durability and comfort for our canine friends. We love any made in the USA collars, but also want to offer our customers only materials that meet our high standards for active, outdoor dogs and their owners.

Highland Blue Plaid Collar

Highland Blue Plaid Collar


Match the bright blue hue to your cute cavapoo. Put some strut in the step of your mutt. From bulldog to lab, your pup will look fab! This collar looks as great in the city as it does in the foggy… read more

Some great reasons to love Biothane dog collars and leashes include:


·       They are waterproof. No matter how long your dog splashes in the lake or rolls in the mud, the collar won’t get saturated with water like leather does. There’s no stink, no added weight, and no danger of the collar getting moldy or mildewed (yuck, am I right?)

·       They are lightweight but strong. So strong, in fact, that the webbing can withstand over 500 pounds of pressure without breaking. These collars won't fray no matter how hard your dog plays.

·       Biothane collars have the look of leather without the upkeep. There is no need to treat them with a waterproofing material, apply mink oil, or worry about them getting scratched or stretched out. 

·       Pupups’ Biothane collars retain their beauty and deep, rich colors for years.

·       Biothane® is vegan friendly, not using any animal by-products.

·       Our new line of stink-proof dog collars is resistant to water, chemicals, oils, and salt (No worries about frolicking in the snow or taking a dip in the ocean when your dog is wearing a Pupups Biothane collar and leash!)

·       Dog trainers love Biothane leashes and collars because they are pliable, making them comfortable but virtually indestructible.


About Those Buckles…

We've put thought into every aspect of our new, made-in-the-USA dog collars, right down to the buckles. While some companies go with snap-on collars or click-to-fit fasteners, Pupups uses stainless steel buckles on every Pupups dog collar and leash. Stainless steel is antibacterial and hypoallergenic for even the most delicate of doggy divas. It will never flake or chip like plated metals, so it will be as bright and shiny years from now as it is the day you buy it. We chose marine-grade stainless steel, so your dog can splash about in saltwater all they want. A stainless steel buckle won't break or crack, so there's no worry about whether your dog's leash will get lost or fall off.


What Makes Pupups’ Biothane Collars and Leashes Unique?

We believe we offer the best Biothane dog collar and leash collection on the market. No other company carries such durable, dependable collars featuring designer prints you and your dog will love. Our in-house designer has spent countless hours creating original designs you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re mad for plaid or appreciate a touch of tropical whimsy, Pupups has a print to reflect your sense of style and your pet’s winning personality.

Northern Lights Collar

Northern Lights Collar


Is your dog as mysterious as the night sky, as bright as the stars, and as mystical as the northern lights? Or maybe electrically charged particles entering the atmosphere are your thing...then the swirling whirling Northern Lights design is for you!… read more


Did we forget to mention Pupups’ fantastic one-for-one program? For every collar purchased, we donate one to a shelter or rescue. That’s right – Every. Single. Purchase is matched with a donation so shelter dogs can look gorgeous and go to their new homes sporting stylish, easy-care collars.




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