Baby, It’s Hot Outside! Keeping Dogs Cool When Temperatures Spike

Baby, It’s Hot Outside! Keeping Dogs Cool When Temperatures Spike

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside! Keeping Dogs Cool When Temperatures Spike

 Golden retriever wearing a waterproof collar sits on a sunny beach with the ocean and palm trees behind her.

Dogs love warm weather. They enjoy lying in the sunny spot, running around the yard, and joining us for outdoor activities in warm weather. The downside to all this is that dogs in summer can quickly overheat when it goes from warm to hot.


Heat Stroke in Dogs

Humans sweat when they’re hot to cool their bodies down. Dogs can’t do this. Instead, they pant to cool off, but this isn’t very efficient, and their temperature can rise quickly, resulting in heatstroke. There are several signs of heatstroke you should watch for in hot weather, including:


·       Excessive panting or a swollen tongue

·       Excessive drooling

·       Frequently resting or lying down

·       Pale or dark red gums

·       Irregular or fast heartbeat

·       Lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea 


If your dog suffers any of the above, cool them down quickly by giving cold water, hosing them down with cool water, and taking them to an air-conditioned area. Do not try to encourage your dog to move around. If your dog has an irregular heartbeat, lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea, take them to a veterinarian immediately to prevent complications. 


Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your dog cool in hot weather and prevent heatstroke. 


Fresh, Cold Drinking Water

Never go anywhere with your dog in hot weather without bringing along plenty of fresh water. A thermos of cold water and a collapsible bowl for hikes and adventures at the dog park are essential. If your dog plays in the yard a lot, keep a bowl of fresh water available, adding ice cubes periodically. You can also find freezable water bowls that keep water cool for up to eight hours.


Cold Water for External Cooling

One of the quickest ways to cool dogs in summer is a quick spray with the garden hose, but make sure you empty the hose of any lingering hot water before spraying your pooch. When your dog overheats, he’ll love playing in the cool spray. Focus on her underbelly, chest, and paws if you don't want to get your dog wet all over. These areas are the most effective for cooling dogs down.


You may also want to invest in a hard-sided wading pool for the yard. Fill it with just a few inches of water so he can lie down in it without being in over his head. It could become his favorite spot, particularly if you place it in a shady area or where there is a nice breeze. Our waterproof collars allow you to offer your dog plenty of cooling options without having to worry about a soaked collar.

 A fawn French bulldog with comically funny eyes stands next to a pink kids pool in the yard.

Keep Dogs Cool with Yummy Treats

It’s hard to resist a dog’s sweet face when she’s begging for treats. During the summer months, shifting to frozen treats for dogs means you can treat them while keeping them comfortable and safe. They cool the body from the inside, which is effective and efficient, and they're delicious. You can buy pre-made frozen treats or find recipes for easy, frozen dog treats online. Don’t overdo it – too many treats eaten too fast can lead to bloat or stomach upsets. Filling a Kong toy with peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol, which is poisonous to dogs) or Greek yogurt and freezing it is also refreshing and fun.


Go Swimming

If your dog loves to swim, take him to the lake, swimming pool, or ocean instantly brings down body temperatures. Don’t forget dog water safety! Always use a doggy life vest and keep a sharp eye on your pet, so he doesn't swim into treacherous waters. Don’t remove his collar; he could get lost or wander away, and a collar with a tag containing his contact information is a must. Check out our waterproof dog collar and leash sets for those trips to the lake or dog pool!  We also offer Fi Compatible collars, that are waterproof and can track your pups GPS location and exercise!


Cooling Down Dogs Indoors

Even inside temperatures can soar if you don't have air conditioning, leaving your dog with nowhere to retreat from the heat. If your dog shows signs of being overheated inside, offer him cool water with ice cubes. You can also place a fan on the floor near your dog so he can relax in front of the circulating air. The frozen treats we mentioned earlier can be offered but do it in an area where you can easily clean up any mess from melting treats. A tile floor is ideal. 


You obviously can’t spray your dog with a hose in the house, but you can mist his paws, underbelly, and chest with cool water. Use a spray bottle or plant mister for targeted cooling. Soaking a towel in cold water, ringing it out, and rubbing down your dog’s belly, paws, and face is also effective.


Never Ignore Overheated Dogs in Summer

When your dog has slowed down, flops in the shade, or shows any sign of distress, take some of the steps above to cool down your buddy. Call your vet immediately or take him to a pet ER for treatment if these remedies don't work. Cooling down your dog should always be a priority when temperatures rise. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine!


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