How To Measure Your Dog For A New Collar

How To Measure Your Dog For A New Collar

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How To Measure Your Dog For a Brand New BioThane Collar!

This is your moment. You peek out at the crowd surrounding the runway. Cameras are flashing, beautiful people are all around you, and it is your time to shine. You stride out onto the runway with poise and grace…when you notice something is wrong. Your pants are so tight you can barely breathe, you are tripping over the giant clown shoes that have suddenly appeared on your feet, and why is your high school principal in the front row? You wake up sweating - luckily it was just a nightmare. But when your doggo's collar doesn't fit properly, he could be living a nightmare every day.


Ok, we may have gotten a little overdramatic there, but it is critical for your dog's comfort and safety that his collar is sized correctly. Follow these simple steps to size your pup's collar in a snap.


Gather your materials

You are going to need: 

  • A tape measure
  • Some treats
  • Your dog
  • Positive vibes (optional, but highly recommended)


Give your dog a bribe treat

It's important that your dog sits in place while being measured, so bust out the good snacks. Your pup might require a few treats, so you may want them to be both tasty and healthy. We use Sooper Treats because they make our pups forget everything else in the world exists…until they want their next treat.


Measure your pup's neck

This is it, we've reached the pivotal moment. To ensure the best fit, measure your dog's neck at the broadest part. Make sure you can fit two fingers between the tape measure and your dog's neck - you do not want the fit to be too loose or too tight (remember the scary runway nightmare?). If you are having trouble placing the tape measure around your dog's neck, you can always:

  1. Grab a piece of string or strip of cloth,
  2. place it around the broadest part of your dog's neck,
  3. mark it at the correct length with a Sharpie, and finally,
  4. straighten it back out on the counter and measure it.


Choose your collar size

Now that you have taken the proper measurements, you can pick out the right collar for your pup. Unfortunately, some folks sell products that are inconsistently sized, so be sure to purchase your dog's collars from a reputable seller. Pupups makes high quality Dirt & Waterproof Collars that will fit your pup perfectly every time. If you need any help choosing the right sized collar for your dog, you can email and we will gladly assist you!  Also, keep in mind if your dog falls between sizes, we can customize our BioThane collar line for you! 



Once the collar arrives, make sure it fits your dog

This is the fun part - the fashion show! Once the collar arrives in the mail, try it out on your dog to ensure it is sized correctly. If you order from Pupups, know that their durable collars can be tweaked for your canine friend's comfort by simply trimming the collar or adding holes as necessary. Plus, Pupups stands by their collars: if you don't love your purchase, they will refund you 100%. Talk about a nightmare-free experience! 


Finally, as an added bonus, if your dog is looking snazzy in her new collar, snap a photo and tag @pupupsusa on Instagram. Your doggo just might be featured on Pupups Insta page and on We can hear the runway calling now….

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